Our Localore project has created an extremely cool game.


Finding and documenting Chinese takeouts has often felt like a game for us - stumbling upon new takeouts, picking out elements that seem to repeat in almost every one and taking photos of them. We wanted to let you in on the fun!

Note: to be a takeout, it must conform to the following two rules: no waitstaff, no silverware.

You can even make it into our Palace of Honors: 6 out of 6, you’ll be the Emperor of Egg Foo Young, 5 out of 6 and you’ll be a Princeling of Pork Fried Rice, 4 out of 6 and you’re a Szechuan Spicy Scholar, 3 out of 6, a Pupu Platter Peasant, 2 out of 6, a Craftsman of Crab Rangoon, 1 out of 6, a Merchant of Moo Goo Gai Pan. Click on the image icon below to see the game card.

planet takeout scavenger card
“Late-night food is essential to the functioning of a proper society and you, YOU provide this — be proud!”
— Comment in the comments box of Wok N Roll, a non-traditional Chinese takeout that nonetheless fulfills one of the basic jobs of the genre. (More.)